Service request, warranty administration and support services can be done only through the closed WEB-Support system. Further support services are available only for registered and entitled customers.

To have access to support services please log in to your account. If you already have access then please log in to your account.

If you don’t have a support account yet, please register one first on this page. Your registration will be revised by our team within 24 hours and our services will be available to you upon confirming your entitlement. You will get a notification message to your email address regarding the activation of your support account.

After announcing the error through the WEB Interface our client receives automatically a support ticket number on his/her given email address. Later on the client could refer to this ticket number. Our registered partners after log in to the Website are able to check the current state and any changes of the case.
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V1.5.5.2715_Manual_Loxtop.pdfKey Management Software Manual
(software user manual download)
Remote management

If the troubleshooting of the KMS (Key
Management System)
 can be done remotely, (the encountered error can be eliminated through remote computer system) in this case it is not necessary to send the component or module of the Key Management System (key cabinet) for repair. Upon receiving your error notification our Support Centre will contact you with the possible solutions.

Dealing with warranty

Dealing with warranty cases and post-
warranty repair or replacement of the defective component or module of the key management system has to be sent by a forwarding agent to the nearest designated official partner or directly to the factory. The malfunctioning module or component of the cabinet which was sent to the Service Centre will be returned to the customer after repairing or replacing the defective part.

Official warranty and repair centres:
(Please send the faulty parts to this address)

USA company:

LoxTop LLC
140 West Huffaker Lane, Suite 505, Unit 9.
Reno, Nevada 89511
Head Office: +1 (775) 287 1424

LoxTop Ltd.
Almaskerti Ipari Park 14.
Bekescsaba, Hungary 5600
Head Office: +36 (66) 520 980

Warranty time

For the vendored and delivered Key
Management and the Box Storage products the LoxTop give you 2 years full warranty. The warranty of the products spread out for the internal hardware and software. For our products long term hardware and software support and spare parts supply are available.

Warranty without written contract:
Warranty services can be done always in the factory or at our designated partners. There is no on-site warranty or service. The damaged part of the KMS (Key Management System) has to be sent for repair always either to the factory or to our designated partners nearest to you.

Warranty with written contract:
Warranty services on the customer’s premises, installations and other services can be done and specified in a separate contract. (Except when the customer is able to provide the necessary criteria and tools to the remote access through its IT systems)