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About Us

Our company was founded in 1989

Our company was founded in 1989, therefore it has a history of more than 30 years. During this period the company’s activities included the manufacturing of security systems such as alarm systems, fire – and security systems, RFID production tracking systems, access control and face recognition systems. Furthermore it included the development of application software, national remote monitoring systems, the manufacturing and development of microcontroller based key management systems for both hardware and software components and system integration. In 2016, LoxTop went through a profile clearing, thus now we only deal with the production and development of our intelligent key management and asset management systems. We are constantly utilizing our 30 years of experience for the development of our cabinets in the field of security market. The employees of our company are software and hardware development engineers, fire and property protection designers, service and system support technicians and manufacturers. In our systems we use the latest microelectronic devices, equipments and developments therefore we manufacture and deliver high-reliability and high-tech, high-quality systems to our customers

Loxtop owners - intelligent key management systems

Balogh Mate

CEO and Owner of LoxTop

Responsible for managing the sales and marketing processes and coordinating the production team and quality control.

Zsolt Vichnál

Technical Director and Owner of LoxTop

Coordinates and participates in the hardware and software development processes. Implements new technologies to improve the products.

Loxtop owners - intelligent key management systems