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LoxTop systems meet the strict requirements of military and government institutions. It is always a difficult task to secure a government or military facility, as there are many valuable and sensitive items, restricted areas and often hundreds of staff members. This can easily consume huge amount of management resources which leads to very high maintenance costs. Due to the embedded industrial Windows PC you can easily check for history in the Log. Giving permissions to users which keys are allowed to use in which time period either in front of the terminal or through the Web-Application over the local network from your computer. The modular design of the key cabinet panels and storage boxes allows for a custom built and variable system (different sizes of firearms are also supported). In our products we use the most advanced micro-electronic devices, equipment and developments which are high-reliability and high-tech equipment, key control systems; we are delivering them to our customers. Our products are made with contactless (!), RFID technology with built-in industrial PC, manufactured from durable materials and made with high-end software solutions which are effecting that it is easy to install, it has a very customer friendly surface and our systems are very reliable.