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IQ Safe Cabinet solution with RFID technology. Key storage and box storage safe cabinet solutions. Intelligent modular system.

LoxTop™ Intelligent Key Storage System Cabinets
  • You always know who removed the key and when it was taken or returned
  • Define access rights to users individually
  • Monitor how often it was accessed and by whom
  • Invoke alerts in case of missing key or overdue keys
  • Secure storage in steel cabinets or safes
  • Keys are secured by seals to RFID tags
  • Access to keys with PIN code and/or card

„Who took which keys and when?”

Problems around keys

  • Unauthorized key accsess or usage
  • Keys might be borrowed
  • They might get lost and found by unathorized employee
  • Sometimes forgotten to be brought back
  • Items may be accessed by external staff
  • If more employees can use a certain key and 
    it is taken by one of them, you will know who has it moment?


  • Managed access control system for keys and valuables
  • Illuminated key positions make finding keys very easy
  • Access via user-friendly touch PIN-pad and card reader
  • Return any key to any open key-place and the system will remember the new position
  • Provides access records and reports
  • Helps reducing costs – less lost keys lead to lower expenses and higher security
  • Improves efficiency
  • Access is fully monitorable


The LoxTop RFID key management system has plenty of advantages such as the flexibility of combining key positions and boxes within one system; you get Real-time transaction through the Web-Interface, where you can easily configure the cabinets and give key permissions for users. It helps to reduce costs less lost keys leads to higher security.

What an intelligent key management system can do for you?

Due to the intelligent key management system you will always know where your keys are and who is using them. You are able to define, limit key permissions for users. Each event is stored in the Log where you can filter for users, keys and so on. One cabinet can manage up to 400 keys but more cabinets can be connected together so the number of keys are unlimited, which can be controlled and configured from a central office. Who needs key management? Key management systems are suitable for those areas where the keys should be stored in a safe and secured place.

Intelligent box storage cabinet system

IQ Box Intelligent value storage system. Mobile phone storage, handheld device storage, notebook storage, intelligent storage system.

Storage box management cabinet system

  • Wall mounted storage cabinet system
  • Standing storage box cabinets
  • Storage with built in measure tray
  • Variable key management modules
  • The whole system is modular, this means you can expand the system later with new different types of boxes such as 1, 2, 3 and
    4 unit high boxes with one or two doors.
  • The System is made of steel with powder coat finish.


The LoxTop uses the latest microelectronic devices, equipments and developments, with the application of these reliable and high-tech equipments it is possible to deliver quality key management systems to our costumers. We distribute the key locker systems, key management, key control, key tracking and key monitoring solutions, intelligent key storage cabinets and storage box management systems, identification and tracking systems.

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It’s a very good question and everyone shall ask him- or herself. Are the keys stored in a safe and secured place? Are they used always just by authorized person or others could have access to those keys too? What could go wrong if someone steals or loses an important key, and how can you take actions to find out who's responsible for the loss of the missing key. With the LoxTop™ key management systems you will always have up-to-date information about your keys. Due to the embedded industrial Windows PC you can easily check for history in the Log. Giving permissions to users which keys are allowed to use in which time period either in front of the terminal or through the Web-Interface.

Integration Partner
The LoxTop Key Management and Intelligent Storage Cabinet Systems are compatible and can be integrated into the Lenel OnGuardsystem. The integration is available through the ongoing interface developments and the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.

Through this advancement the OnGuardadministrators have access to database synchronization, and key management system databases. The key management cabinet can communicate with access control systems, and key management can be done easily.
Fire & Bullet-Proof Cabinet Video
Fire and bullet-proof safe with integrated asset storage and key management system. The system is modular, so the set-up of key management and asset storage modules can be customized. The safe can be ordered with a transparent bulletproof glass, or fully plated design.
IQ CleverKey System Cabinet 
Key Management Security
Key Cabinet System
Smart Key Holder
Your key holders are equipped with a unique RFID tags. Either you can use a simple wall cabinet with or without door or for higher security you could use boxes with inside keys to store huge key bunches and important keys. To pick up a key the user has to identify him / herself with access code or add for higher security an RFID Card and/or Fingerprint reader.

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  • Government institutions
  • Hospitals, Healthcare facilities
  • Military
  • Power plants
  • Hotels, hostels, resorts
  • Conference centers
  • Universities, colleges
  • Corporate buildings
  • Property management
  • Security companies
  • Car rentals & Fleet management