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LoxTop intelligent key and asset management systems are fully customizable to help the daily processes that drive your prison facility, resulting in greater security, efficiency, while lowering the operating costs. The LoxTop key and asset management systems can be in use 24/7 providing an incorruptible environment. Strict access control and precise management of assets is the most important within any security-based organization. Through our intelligent key cabinets and lockers every event is recorded, generating a more controllable environment, and complete traceability for your sensitive and protected items. With key management systems you can control and manage access to prison officer keys for secured areas, vehicles, equipment and more to ensure they never get past the secure perimeter.


  • Managed access control system for keys and valuables
  • Illuminated key positions make finding keys very easy
  • Return any key to any open key-place and the system will remember the new position
  • Provides access records and reports
  • Helps reducing costs – less lost keys lead to lower expenses and higher security
  • Improves efficiency
  • Access is fully monitorable

The LoxTop asset management cabinets can be used to securely control the use of body worn cameras, weapons, taser, pepper spray, mobile phones, visitors’ assets, and more.


  • Items are secured in our intelligent lockers and can only be taken by authorized users
  • Due to the controlled environment the users are 100% accountable for the items they use
  • RFID based asset recognition can be used to uniquely identify the assets
  • Define the permissions separately for each item