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Automotive Dealership

LoxTop’s product range is suitable for storing keys and documents of car dealer companies and rental fleets. These companies also need to track car key activity. Each key secured in a LoxTop system has a unique identification chip. The keys are accessed and returned only by the authorized users in the system by using an access code or other identification methods (access cards, biometrics). Controlling huge number of vehicles, lost keys, and damages can lead to needless expenses. LoxTop key and storage systems help you to track all of your keys in real time. With booking functionality, sales person meeting a client for a test drive can be confident that the car will be in the key management system at the reserved time. In the daily operations, key management software will send an automatic email alert if a key becomes overdue. The fleet management software can help users gain real-time visibility into their daily operations while increasing driver satisfaction and decreasing fuel usage with analytics and continuous reporting.