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IQ 25 Mini Box Cabinet

The key management system or key locker is suitable for tracking the key movements, managing and logging keys of vehicles, offices, banks, government institutions, hotels, hospitals, etc. The key management system can be standard or customized if required.In case of a customized system when required intelligent storage boxes could be added for your valuables along with the key modules. The modular design of the key cabinet panels and storage boxes allows for a custom built and variable system. The key locker and intelligent storage box system logs and tracks every key movement (key pickup, key return, door opening/closing). With the key locker system you can give permissions to users, manage bookings, key pickups and choose from several other customizable options. The key storage cabinets can be integrated into companies’ ERP and access control systems. Besides the standard set-up we offer customized modules too. You can order key management systems installed into safes (even into fireproof ones) too.



Product Specifications


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Cabinet Types

▪ Thin wall Cabinet
▪ Key and Box Cabinet
▪ Storage Cabinet
▪ Safe

Safe certifications

▪ SS3492 (Swedish Standard),
▪ EN 14450 Standard, “S1” qualificationStorage capacity

Cabinet doors

▪ With/without door (right sided, left sided)
▪ Transparent plastic door
▪ Full metal door

Computer module

Industrial PC, Intel Atom E3845 1.91 GHz, Built
in SSD/HDD and external memory for backup,
4 GB DDR3 RAM, 8.9” Touch screen TFT, 2 Ethernet interfaces, RS232, USB, Windows 10
Embedded operating systems


Technical Data

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Power Requirement

230V50Hz / 110V60Hz AC

Internal Battery

7Ah, up to 45 min. operation



Operating Temperature

0 – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)

Color of the Cabinet

▪ RAL 9002
▪ YW361F
▪ on demand


More Info

▪ Built in a safe for higher security
▪ Built up of modules and later expandable
▪ Easy to install, Plug&Play
▪ 24/7 support
▪ Remote support available
▪ 2 year warranty


More Info

Number of keys and boxes which the user is
able to pick up or open within one login session
10 keys and/or 10 boxes
Remote management
WEB Interface Available
Network Mode
▪ Cabinets synchronize data with each other
▪ Local and Central database
Communication with External Systems
▪ Interface is available for ERP integration
▪ Based on XML and WEB service
Emergency open
▪ Max. 10 keys in one time
▪ Works using emergency key and button
▪ Enable emergency from external input


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Card reader
▪ USB or RS232
▪ Mifare 13.56 MHz
▪ EM 125 KHz
Fingerprint reader (optional)
USB or RS232
Key holder
CleverKey (keyholder with RFID-chip