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Storing keys and items in police departments has become more and more important nowadays. Furthermore the weapons and evidences also have to be stored in a secured system. There are several reasons why intelligent key and asset management systems are necessary solutions for police departments. Providing that there is a method to secure the police offer’s assets that is only accessible by preconfigured authorization, and that alerts can be sent when assets are placed in or removed from a locker, this way it helps to ensure that dangerous weapons or assets cannot be taken by the wrong people. LoxTop intelligent asset management system can consist multiple devices which are all networked – synchronized together. These intelligent systems allow police departments to track weapons, mobile devices, and other major assets in the entire building, such as a police station, courthouse, or municipal complex. It is easy to find the keys or assets due to the traceability in these intelligent systems. With daily report the main administrator of the system can check the daily events and actual status of keys and assets. This makes it easy to search for missing devices, evidence or weapons. LoxTop has many different types and sizes of storage boxes for the intelligent asset management system.