• remote configuration the cabinets using WEB-based interface
  • you can transform Standalone cabinet into Networked cabinet by request
  • local database in the cabinet
  • local decisions
  • backup automaticly and manual locally or via network

Elektro-Top IQ key management cabinets network system solution



Networked cabinets

  • Small network: You are able to create a small network of cabinets up to 4 cabinets and you don't need a server. Each cabinet recognized all the users and keys.
  • Large Network: connect several cabinets through an IQ server to your ERP. The cabinets can be managed from a central office.
  • The key and value management systems can be easily configured centrally and remotely (users, cards, rights, access levels, etc.)
  • Interfacing of key cabinets with the usage of Middleware Server
  • Flexibility of key and box expansion
  • Local and central databases

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By default the Key Management System can be used as a fully Plug&Play standalone system, or connect more cabinets together through LAN cables and create a network of cabinets. 
The Key Management System which is entirely produced in house have an embedded industrial PC with the possibility of Ethernet network connection ports. Due to the Ethernet ports you have the possibility to control the cabinets from anywhere at any time all you need is a Web-browser.


Have your company expanded and need more key positions?
•    Easily add new key modules to your cabinet
•    Create a network of key management systems

Central management

The Key management system can be configured from your central office by using the local network.

ERP integration

The Key Management System can be integrated into your ERP via your Enterprise Resource Planning System.