The surveillance system storage device must be secured on the licensed premises in a lockbox, cabinet, closet, or secured in another manner to protect from employee tampering or criminal theft. LoxTop product offers  a unique solution for secure storage and trackable of marijuana.
Storage and tracking valuables or dangerous items in electronic lockers and prevent them from unauthorized access. Access to the boxes can be done by PIN code and/or proximity card and/or BIO reader or face recognition.
Double authentication: Enable/disable double authentication for keys/boxes. The users can check (if they have permission to that particular key/box) upon login which keys/boxes have enabled double authentication, because there is an icon with two figures next to the key’s/box’s name.

Key Management

  • Record of in and out: every event and movement is logged in the cabinet, not only keys but also user actions, the administrator can view and search the log either on the touch screen at the cabinet or remotely using a web browser from his computer/laptop.
  • The system is fully automatic, however in emergency case you have also an option for manual intervention.
  • Multiple users of the same key ring: it is fully supported, you can freely assign keys and users to each other.

Asset Management

  • Value storage.
  • Built-in measuring tray (optional)
  • You can set how many grams (plus, minus) can be the difference between the valid and the measured weight before the system sets off an alarm.
  • Our modular system allows us to supply lockers of different types and sizes and dimensions (Width, Height, and Depth).

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The technical equipment of the devices are high leveled in the European Union developer and manufacturer factory. The manufacturing technology required by to fulfill the instrumentation, machinery and computer equipment as well. The latest developing environment, hardware and software developing tools are available for our software developers.
For the vendored and delivered Key Management and the Box Storage products the LoxTop give you 2 years full warranty. The warranty of the products spread out for the internal hardware and software. Long term hardware and software support and spare parts supply are available for our products
If the client agrees and the technical access is available, in this case we monitor the maintained or the system supported key management system through our computer monitoring system. Thus the troubleshoot is possible remotely, which reduces the response time and cost.